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Type beat instrumental

What is a type beat?

Nowadays, it's very easy to find the same kind of beats as your favorite singer or rapper. You just have to write the artist’s name on Youtube followed by the word “type beat”. So you will have the instrumental of the song, that is to say the music without the lyrics, a blank music on which the artist raps or sings over it. Therefore the opposite of vocal music and therefore voice.


First of all, a beat type is an instrumental which is based on the tempo, the instruments and the structure of an already existing song. For example: Drake Type Beat or Niska Type Beat but also Chill Guitar Type Beat, Sad Rap Type Beat to find a specific mood or style. A type beat then applies to all musical genres and some are also composed only of instruments.

Type beats produce by Realistik Beat

First, to achieve a custom type beat, I need to know your tastes but also your musical desires. So just send me your references to try to reproduce them. A custom type beat will therefore be unique. We can work on site in my studio or remotely according to your preferences for the realization of your personalized instrumental. The type beats is done on estimate.

Exclusive rights contracts

An exclusive rights contract defines the conditions of exploitation and distribution of the work between the composer and the artist. It therefore allows the singer to use the instrumental as he wishes.

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