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Recording Studio

Who is Home Studio rec / our recording studio for?

Our Realistik Beat recording studio is for all artists who want to record a complete model or album in order to share and broadcast your music on social networks and streaming platforms. Whether you are an amateur or you already have certain notions, make sure you have the best working conditions in order to put the odds on your side thanks to our recording studio! Price: € 30 / h Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Rumilly

Record your voice and instruments with Realistik Beat !

Whether you're looking for a B-side voice recording or track stems with volume settings for homogeneous listening, our studio will satisfy you! With Realistik Beat, you will also be able to make recordings of instruments such as the storage of your favorite instruments: guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, violin and other small instruments.

Our microphones used are the audio with Technica AT2035 and the Antelope Verge which allows emulations of vintage microphone. All of this coupled with high-quality preamps and converters. Once the sound recordings have been taken, we apply the mixing effects before going to the mastering stage.

A professional mastering service!

The Mastering is the last step in the musical creation, it is in a way the quality control, We check and polish the last settings so that the album so that it is perfectly balanced. As you can see, the goal is for the sound produced to sound the same on each listening system before its final release.

In mastering we generally apply equalization, compression while optimizing stereo enlargement. The objective is therefore to correct small faults sometimes forgotten during the mixing stage in order to have a smooth and homogeneous listening volume.


There are two types of mastering:

  • Digital (the one I'm going to apply): that is to say that all the treatments are virtual effects specialized for computer mastering.

  • Analog: this is the one used in large recording studios, it requires hardware machines at several tens of thousands of dollars.

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