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Formation M.A.O en Haute Savoie avec Realistik Bea

Audio engineer training 

What is a audio engineer training?

It is a training to become a sound engineer which will teach you how to work your ear but also how to master the various digital tools which are made available to us. You will also learn how to build your home studio in order to be autonomous in your musical projects and this, in the rules of the art!

How is our training at Realistik Beat going?

With its experience, Realistik Beat offers professional and educational audio engineer training. Our philosophy is to give you the best advice but also to develop your listening skills. The training takes place at my home studio. You will benefit from all the necessary equipment such as calibrate speakers, a measurement microphone and an acoustically treated room in order to have a neutral listening and hear the slightest detail. Realistik Beat with the possibility of hosting up to 2 people


Price: 30 € / h from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. exclusively in France

What concepts will we cover during your audio engineer training?

Our audio engineer training are adapted to your level and modulated according to your needs. We will tackle diligently mixing techniques, volume adjustment, compression but also how to recognize the different frequencies, the spatialization of sound, the autotune with the basics of music theory, the techniques of compositions, sampling and midi and mastering digital.

During your training, we will work with the following software: Protools 12, Reason 10, Maschine Mk2 and many other virtual instruments.

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